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Why You Might Consider Getting a Disney Credit Card

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If you\’re a fan of the happiest place on Earth, then there\’s a credit card that might be perfect for you. Whether you\’re a Mickey fan or a Donald fan, you might find something beneficial between the cards that Disney has to offer. The first card is the Disney Rewards Credit Card, but the better card is the Disney Premier Credit Card. The Premier Credit Card is the far better option, and it\’s also what you should try to go for. While it may require you to have good credit in order to qualify, there\’s another qualification that will make this card absolutely worth the time. It would make sense for you to be a true Disney fan in order to make the most out of this card. That means big Disney expenditures. If you have fair credit and qualify for the Rewards Card, you should still probably be a Disney fan either way. To sum it up, your first qualification for getting this card is your love for Disney, and here\’s why.

What you\’ll like

The first thing you\’ll get with the Disney Premier card is a $100 initial bonus. You\’ll get this after spending a total of $500 over the next three months. That\’s not difficult to do considering that it only amounts to about $167 per month. When you take into consideration the $100 gift card you\’ll get back, that monthly expenditure goes down to roughly $135 per month. That doesn\’t nearly cover a full day of spending at Disney if you happen to be there. If you have the Rewards card, you\’ll get $50 back after your first purchase-not a bad deal either.

The rewards program is fairly simple. If you have the Disney Premier card, you\’ll get 2% back on purchases made at restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations, not just on Disney purchases. That 2% translates back into a \”Rewards Dollar\” program that you can redeem through Disney goodies. This is really where the part of loving Disney comes in handy. All the rewards you\’ll get back will be Disney-related, so it makes sense even more now that that\’s been said for credit card holders to be Disney lovers.

If you had the Disney Rewards credit card, you\’ll simply get 1% back on the same purchases instead of the 2%. It\’s still not a bad deal, but 2 is better than 1 on any given day.

Lastly, you can get up to a 15% discount on some Disney purchases. You get specific discounts depending on what you\’re buying, but the best part on this deal is the 15% off of Disney parks. That alone could make this card worth to have.

What you won\’t like

Although it isn\’t bad compared to other cards, the $49 annual fee can turn some people away. It\’s not attractive, especially when there are other generic rewards cards out there that offer a $0 annual fee and actual cash rewards that you can still use on Disney products if that\’s what you really wanted to do. In addition, the Disney credit cards will charge you 3% foreign transaction fees. That\’s a huge number and enough reason for you not to use your card when traveling internationally. Lastly, there are redemption restrictions in place when you are ready to claim your rewards. When you opt to redeem your rewards, you\’ll have to get a rewards redemption card, unless you are transferring your Disney Dollars over to an airfare credit. The redemption card can take two to three weeks to arrive before you can spend your money. On a last note, your rewards also have a 5-year expiration date; so if you don\’t use them, you\’ll definitely lose them.

Final verdict

The only reason why you should consider getting a Disney credit card is if you love all things Disney. This is a great card for families with children as well because you should know already that Disney products are not cheap. Having access to a Disney rewards program can definitely benefit your children in some way. All in all, the specs of the card are highly competitive in comparison to other generic rewards cards. With the Disney one, you\’ll just certainly have your fill of all things Disney, and if you don\’t mind, then it\’s definitely a good option for you.

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