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Odd Uses for a Credit Card

While perusing the web the other day, I ran across an amusing story about a drunk guy at a Vikings game that was eating ice cream with a credit card. Someone nearby captured the moment in a photo and shortly thereafter it went viral.

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Here\’s the pic:

It\’s kind of hard to see, but he is indeed eating ice cream with a credit card.

This got me to thinking- What\’s the strangest non-financial thing that you\’ve done with a credit card?

I\’m pretty boring, so I haven\’t done too much beyond using one to scrape frost from my windshield in a pinch. I guess I\’ve also use one as a straightedge when drawing something. Oh, and I\’ve used one to slice open the tape on a package when I couldn\’t find a key (my usual go-to tool for such things).

What about you? What\’s the weirdest (or most creative) thing you\’ve ever done with a credit card? Have you tried to jimmy the lock on your front door with a credit card? Sliced food with one? Used one to play guitar? Eaten ice cream with one? Or something else entirely?


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